Black sheep

Black sheep

Who will be the first to return all the sheep to the pen?

Bad lack? Maybe…
A little math and some practice will make you the best shepard of the game! Each player tries to get rid of all his cards and especially of the black sheep cards.
If that doesn‛t work, 3 sheep in hand can win the game!

Category: Cards
Content: 72 Cards
Skills Learned: Mathematical skills
2-6 Players
15 Minutes

How to Play

Black sheep
Each player is dealt 7 cards. One card is placed on the table face-up and serves as deck.
Black sheep
Each player, in turn, places a card in one of the following ways: 1. An identical card to the one on the top of the pile. 2. Two cards creating a correct mathematical equation together with the top card of the pile. 3. Placing Special actions cards.
Black sheep
The winner is the player that accumulated the lowest number of points by counting the value of all his cards. Note: There are 3 Black Sheep cards. Each of the cards is 30 points in value. You should hurry and get rid of these cards as soon as possible. However, If you succeed in collecting ALL the black sheep - you win!

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