Little Fire Fighters

Little Fire Fighters

3 Firemen against the fire

A fire has started and we must hurry to save the frightened house. The firemen are on their way, in a race to get to the house before the fire does. Help them to reach the house before the fire and celebrate victory together. This is a game of co-operation. The players play together against the fire. The victory is shared and the fun multiplied!

Category: Family Games, Cooperative Games
Content: 1 Game board, 50 tiles: 15 tiles with 1 illustration advancing fireman number 1 13 tiles with 2 illustrations advancing fireman number 2 11 tiles with 3 illustrations advancing fireman number 3 11 tiles advancing the fire 3 firemen pawns, 1 fire flame pawn
Skills Learned: Cooperative Skills, Social aspects of working in teams and groups
2-6 Players
15 Minutes

How to Play

Little Fire Fighters
Place all of the tiles face down on the table. Place the three firemen and the fire on their places at the start of the tracks.
Little Fire Fighters
Each player chooses a tile at his turn, and moves on the track according to the tile he revealed.
Little Fire Fighters
The game ends in a shared victory when the firemen succeed to put out the fire. If the fire reaches the house before the fire-fighters, the game ends and all the fire men lose together!

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