Racing Hedgehogs

Racing Hedgehogs

Winning by a nose!

Racing Hedgehogs is a strategic family game that requires prediction skills and a touch of cunning in order to win … Each player on their turn plays a card from their hand, which determines which hedgehog to move and how many steps to take. The race ends when the first hedgehog reaches the end of the track.

Category: Strategy, Family Games
Content: Game board 4 hedgehogs (in different colors) 55 playing cards (6 walk-cards of value 1 and 5 run-cards of value 2 each in the four hedgehog colors, and in a joker set). 36 point tokens: 12 X 10 , 8 x 5 , 16 x 1 .
Skills Learned: Strategy Thinking
3-5 Players
30 Minutes

How to Play

Racing Hedgehogs
Each player in turn selects a card from their hand and moves a hedgehog on the board based on the color and number of steps on the card.
Racing Hedgehogs
When one of the hedgehogs reaches the end point on the board - the race ends.
Racing Hedgehogs
Players score points for their remaining cards and based on the position of the hedgehogs on the board. The points are paid out with score tokens. The player who scores the most points wins!

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