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An egg-cellent adventure

Play this fun game with the whole family and develop planning and thinking skills. Lay down the correct card(s) based on the natural order and remember to use your Action Cards. The first player to discard their cards three times wins the golden egg and the game!

2-4 Players

Ages 7+

Let the compliments fly!

It is so easy to say something nice to someone and make them happy! In pairs, groups, anywhere and everywhere. For group, family and social bonding. Talk Up game is all about good atmosphere and compliments. Take a card and complete the sentence referring to one of the participants of your choice and say something nice.

2+ Players

Ages 8+

For small hands

The card holder helps small children and people with disabilities in their hands that prevent them from holding the playing cards well. The player can put the cards in the card holder and play comfortably with fun.

1+ Players

Ages 3+

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