Match Master

Match Master

The Crazy Game that Changes EVERY Round!

A Fun game of speed, concentration and Visual perception.

Flip a card and find the match! Be the fastest and win!

The youngest player starts by flipping the first card and placing it near the deck. Continuing clockwise, players keep on flipping the cards and placing them around the deck. Each time a card is flipped, players try and find at least two cards that share the category characteristic that appears on the upper card. There may be several possibilities, so keep an eye out.

Category: Family Games, Cards
Content: 75 Cards
Skills Learned: Visual Perception, Response speed
2-6 Players
15 Minutes

How to Play

Match Master
Shuffle the cards (make sure that all of the cards facing the same direction). Place the cards in the center of the table, category side up. Flip the upper deck card. Sample - Animal category.
Match Master
Place the card beside the deck and then continue flipping one card after the other trying to spot at least two cards that share the category characteristic that appears on the central card (and keeps changing as more cards are flipped!). Sample - Color category.
Match Master
Try to collect the most cards and win the game! Sample - Number category.

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