5 Games in one box!

A fast game of observation & memory containing 5 different games. Prove you’re fast, perceptive and with a great memory! Be the first to spot identical symbols between the cards. Whoever succeeds-wins! Play in a pair, group or by- yourself. Are you up for the challenge?

Category: Cards
Content: 75 Cards
Skills Learned: Observation & Memory skills
2-5 Players
15 Minutes

How to Play

Basic Triple - 2-5 players The cards are dealt equally between the players. Each player reveals the top card of his deck and places it in front of him. Whoever spots an identical symbol between the cards takes them. If an identical symbol can’t be found both players reveal another card and continue in the same way.
The game ends when the players run out of cards. The winner is the player who won the most cards.
Memory Triple - 2-5 players Place 9 cards face down in a 3X3 grid. The players take turns, turn over 2 cards and try to find a symbol that appears in both cards. If they succeed they win the cards and replace them. If not, the turn passes to the next player. The winner is the player who collects the most cards.

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