Speedy Words

Speedy Words

Be Quick to Name & Win the Game!

A fun card game containing 10 categories and the letters of the alphabet. Be the first to find a word in a certain category, matching the letter on the card you flipped. Be fast and prove to everyone you are the Word Master!

Category: Cards
Content: 60 Cards
Skills Learned: Development of language skills, general knowledge
2-6 Players
10 Minutes

How to Play

Speedy Words
Place the deck of cards in the center of the table, category side up.
Speedy Words
Each player, in his turn, flips the top card from the deck and places it next to the deck, letters side up. Each letter appears in a different color. Note that only one of the letters matches the color of the category that appears on the top card of the deck.
Speedy Words
The first player to call out a word starting with the letter that matches in color to the category, wins the round and takes the card. The winner of the game is the player that collected the most cards when only one card is left in the deck.

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