Harry Potter – Flipolo

Harry Potter - Flipolo

The frantic flip game

A fast-paced action matching game. This exciting game requires both speed and keen observation as kids race to the finish to match up all the tiles to their gameboard. Sounds simple? You’ll be surprised! All tiles are double sided! you must flip and switch then switch and flip until all tiles are in place. Different challenge every time.

Category: Thinking Challenges, Memory & Visual Perception, Family Games
Content: 4 sets of 12 character tiles, each set has a different color. ⋅ 4 double sided game boards.
Skills Learned: Memory & Visual Perception
2-5 Players
15 Minutes

How to Play

Flip over the two-sided tiles to make matches.
Match up the tiles to the gameboard.
The first player to complete their matches wins.

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