Mighty Mice

Mighty Mice

A Fun Balancing Family Game

Have fun playing with elephants and mice by creating a tower! Beware! The higher the tower, the higher the risk of it toppling over! The first player who places all of his mice wins the game! A steady hand, good strategy and luck will help you win!

Category: Family Games
Content: 40 Wooden Mice, 4 colored Elephants, 1 Die
Skills Learned: Fine motor skills, Balancing
2-5 Players
15 Minutes

How to Play

Mighty Mice
Place an elephant on the center of the table. This elephant serves as the base for the tower of mice and elephants. Each player receives mice.
Mighty Mice
Each player in his turn, rolls the die and tries to place, mice or an elephant accordingly on top of the tower that has been built. A steady hand, strategy and luck are very important! If any of the mice fall down, you have to take them!
Mighty Mice
The first player who succeeds in placing all his mice on the tower - wins!

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